Marinette Attractions

Situated on the shore of Lake Michigan in the beautiful Green Bay area, Marinette, Wisconsin, has a wide range of activities to keep everyone engaged. Its proximity to the lake makes a myriad of aquatic activities possible, from sunbathing and swimming to boat tours and fishing. Marinette also offers you the chance to flex your shopping muscles, as it offers several malls as well as plenty of local and charming stores.

For those interested in historical and cultural exploits, the area is also home to several museums, including the Marinette County Historical Logging Museum and the Menominee County Historical Society Heritage Museum. Golf clubs, marinas, and parks are also available. In addition, the Bay Area Medical Center is just a short drive away, as is the University of Wisconsin Geen Bay- Marinette Campus. With so much to offer, Marinette truly has something for everybody. Check out the list below to learn more about some of the area’s top attractions.

Featured Attractions

Lake Michigan

Being just a short drive away from Lake Michigan provides you with countless fun activities to explore. Go for a walk along the shore at Red Arrow Park, or better yet, take a dip in the cool waters (weather permitting). You can also lay out on the sand and enjoy a relaxing day sunbathing. Boat charters and fishing trips are also available nearby for those that want a different perspective. Whatever your aquatic desires may be, Lake Michigan has something for everyone.

Marinette County Historical Logging Museum

Established in 1932, the Marinette County Historical Logging Museum provides an excellent opportunity for you to step back in time to discover the rich history of the area. The museum houses many important pieces of regional history, including exhibits and themed collections detailing musical instruments, Marinette Indian culture, farm artifacts, and a terrific telling of the logging era. If you are interested in learning about history, this museum and its eclectic gathering of artifacts are a must visit, allowing you to leave with a much better picture of what makes Marinette the special place that it is today.

Riverside Golf Club

Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, a stop at the Riverside Golf Club is a must for the golf lovers that come through the area. Established in 1901 and boasting the title of the oldest golf club in the upper peninsula, the 18 hole course boasts incredible greens, challenging terrain, and a beautiful atmosphere. It is located along the beautiful Menominee River and features lessons by a PGA professional golfer, a golf shop and all of the equipment that you might need, as well as a bar and grill and full-service restaurant.